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Double up!

The Classic,....but with two cars!

In the two cars of your choice...

  • Collection and transport to the ceremony

  • After the wedding ceremony, we take the happy couple to the reception (with photo stops if required)

  • This option gives you an additional car for others to get to the reception 

Your chosen cars will be wedding decorated with ribbons, bows and silk flowers as standard.  Bunting in colours of your choice is also available for 'Blue'. We can coordinate with your florist if fresh flowers are required. Blankets and umbrellas are provided for winter weddings. Our 'wedding survival kit' of items such as tissues, mints, water, first aid and sewing kits, electric fan, compact mirror, antibacterial wipes & gel, plus various sweets will also be on board. 

Our prices for the 'Double Up' package are:

  • Blue (1966 VW Splitscreen Bus) & Sally (1965 Ford Mustang) @ £749 for 2022/23 or £799 for 2024

  • Blue (1966 VW Splitscreen Bus) & Louise (1979 VW Beetle) @ £699 for 2022/23 or £749 for 2024

  • Sally (1965 Ford Mustang) & Louise (1979 VW Beetle) @ £749 for 2022/23 or £799 for 2024

  • Double Up! +1 (also known as The Treble!) – all 3 cars @ £999 for 2022/23 or £1049 for 2024


(Assumes up to 3 hours use from when we pick you up and local mileage.)

All prices quoted are excluding VAT, which will be added.

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