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After a ‘bump in the road’ at the end of July, seated wedding receptions of up to 30 people have been given the green light from the 15th August in England. For those couples sticking to their original wedding dates in 2020 this is fantastic news. They can now celebrate and raise a glass with those near and dear, plus a few good friends!

We have been doing that here too at the Something Blue HQ – raising a glass! August is a special time for us as we celebrate our own wedding anniversary and a birthday. I look back at all the planning involved with our wedding in my hometown of North Carolina, in the good old US of A, when the two of us were actually already living here in Sussex - I give great thanks to my wedding planner…my mother!!! I honestly do not know how we would have managed in today’s climate, but one thing is for sure - my Mom would have done her best to find a way! I expect we would have needed to be very flexible. My heart goes out to all couples who have had to cancel or change their plans.

Looking at August in the petrol tank half full kind of way (remember we are a wedding car hire service!), the wedding industry is slowly starting back up. A lot like when you start up a Vintage VW. It takes a few moments for the engine to warm up but once warm, that VW is reading to go! Wedding suppliers and venues have warmed up in the heat of the summer and we are all ready to help you on your wedding journey! With the seated reception being allowed caterers and cake designers will be able to get to work in their kitchens again. Event planners and prop hire will be able to get back to what they do best; creating a day for you to remember. And here at Something Blue Wedding Car Hire, we can hit the road and transport you to your special day.

Don’t leave your chauffeur driven transport to the last minute. Remember that 2021 will be a busy year, with weddings deferred from this year plus the normal yearly demand. We have been talking to venues and suppliers who think that weddings will likely to be happening almost every day in 2021 you wouldn’t want to miss the (VW) bus!

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Welcome news from the Prime Minister that from August receptions of up to 30 people will be allowed. Your 30 guests can now join you after your nuptials to celebrate! Looks like 30 is still the magic number! This however is looking like it will only be for a short time - thank goodness!

From the 1st October openings of stadium, conferences and business events are likely to commence. Which taking the ‘common sense’ approach, means you would be allowed to have more guests. This is also welcome news for those of you who prefer to browse suppliers all in one place as wedding shows/fayres could be in your diaries again. The most optimistic words from our Prime Minister is that by Christmas ‘a significant return to normality’.

This brings us to 2021…

How has your wedding planning gone these last couple of weeks? I can see from our fellow suppliers that dates are getting booked up quick. I am sure you have your to do list already. Maybe you have ticked some items off or maybe you were just waiting until the world calmed down a little bit. Now is most definitely the time to get back to your list. Let’s say you are planning a summer 2021 wedding. There is so much you can do now!

Choose a date, book your venue, check whether you registrar or church is free, book a celebrant , book your photographer and videographer, book your DJ or Wedding Band, Book your florist, Book Caterers, Wedding Dress Shopping and Find a Cake Maker. While we are on the subject, start thinking about your wedding day transport 😊! All these types of wedding suppliers are open and will be following the Covid-19 guidance. Their doors are open and trust me, they are waiting for your call!

I have loved seeing the posts of small weddings taking place over the past few weeks. And who doesn’t love a good Royal Wedding? The photos of shared of Princess Beatrice, Gorgeous! Those flowers arching the church door were just amazing! Whether these couples have chosen to adapt to the situation or had planned a cosy celebration all along, it just goes to show love will prevail and weddings can weather this storm!

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My two girls used to sing a song about 3 being the magic number. For weddings in England, the magic number is 30 for the foreseeable future. It may be magic for those who are happy with or already planning a small intimate wedding but for many this will not be the case. It is a step in the right direction but can be heart-breaking for couples who have upcoming weddings, in the planning stages or have had to cancel their plans altogether. Wherever you are in the process planning can be difficult and sometimes frustrating.

From the 4th of July…

In England small wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships of no more than 30 people will be allowable. This number includes all those attending the ceremony (including the couple, witnesses, officiants, and guests). The paid venue staff do not have to be included in the persons allowed.

Social Distancing of 2 metres should still be kept wherever possible and members from different households should avoid contact with one another. This may mean that the tradition of the father walking the bride down the aisle may need to be adapted if not from the same household as will other ceremonial traditions.

You can have recorded music and musical instruments that are not blown into such as an organ or piano. Singing or chanting will not be allowed for a group. One person may sing/chant If the venue has an appropriate plexi-glass fitted.

Hands will be washed before and after exchanging of rings and other ceremonial items.

Sadly, you will have to wait on celebrating after your ceremony as numbers for this are still limited to 6 people. Depending on your circumstances you may wish to go ahead with your marriage/civil partnership on your original date and work with your reception venue (if different) for an alternative date to celebrate your nuptials with friends and family when safe to do so. Many couples do this if they have a smaller destination wedding. Once home they have a celebration with friends and family. This is by no means ideal but is something to think about.

All parties involved your wedding (and planning) are having to adjust, be flexible and above all, have patience.

For those planning now, you should not stop planning! If you have not started, START NOW! The upcoming wedding seasons for 2021 and 2022 are going to be busy. With weddings rearranged from 2020 you will want to get your suppliers booked now!

Venues and suppliers have had time to update their sites (and websites), renovate, paint, and make themselves COVID -19 safe! They are ready for you! Louise, our white soft-top Beetle, has got in on the act and in line with hairdressers opening up, is having a new hairdo….a new mohair soft-top! Many suppliers, like Something Blue, are offering virtual tours, meetings and opening for viewings from July.

Here at Something Blue we will be valeting our cars to our usual high standard. We will arrive sparkling for your pick-up. Whilst you are in the church, we will then clean the interior of the car/s again. Being sure to clean every surface and door handle (although why would you touch the door handle? You have a chauffeur!). We will endeavour to keep you, your wedding party and us safe in your journey and photographs.

COVID19 should not discourage you from your dream wedding. Love endures and weddings will continue. They just may look a little different for a while. Follow the government website for updates

It is not the destination, but the journey and it is a long a winding road. ‘Blue’ and ‘Louise’ will be hitting the road visiting local wedding suppliers and venues to support small businesses in Sussex! Watch this blog for information on these adventures…

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