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Now it's 30 at the wedding...and 30 at the reception!

Welcome news from the Prime Minister that from August receptions of up to 30 people will be allowed. Your 30 guests can now join you after your nuptials to celebrate! Looks like 30 is still the magic number! This however is looking like it will only be for a short time - thank goodness!

From the 1st October openings of stadium, conferences and business events are likely to commence. Which taking the ‘common sense’ approach, means you would be allowed to have more guests. This is also welcome news for those of you who prefer to browse suppliers all in one place as wedding shows/fayres could be in your diaries again. The most optimistic words from our Prime Minister is that by Christmas ‘a significant return to normality’.

This brings us to 2021…

How has your wedding planning gone these last couple of weeks? I can see from our fellow suppliers that dates are getting booked up quick. I am sure you have your to do list already. Maybe you have ticked some items off or maybe you were just waiting until the world calmed down a little bit. Now is most definitely the time to get back to your list. Let’s say you are planning a summer 2021 wedding. There is so much you can do now!

Choose a date, book your venue, check whether you registrar or church is free, book a celebrant , book your photographer and videographer, book your DJ or Wedding Band, Book your florist, Book Caterers, Wedding Dress Shopping and Find a Cake Maker. While we are on the subject, start thinking about your wedding day transport 😊! All these types of wedding suppliers are open and will be following the Covid-19 guidance. Their doors are open and trust me, they are waiting for your call!

I have loved seeing the posts of small weddings taking place over the past few weeks. And who doesn’t love a good Royal Wedding? The photos of shared of Princess Beatrice, Gorgeous! Those flowers arching the church door were just amazing! Whether these couples have chosen to adapt to the situation or had planned a cosy celebration all along, it just goes to show love will prevail and weddings can weather this storm!

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